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Hello Im a music publisher. I have ties with all major music publishing channels including VEVO. I can create a VEVO channel for you. For a one time only fee of 50, you ...
13188   0   0   0 Order

24 HOUR TURNAROUNDIm a seasoned PRO in the voice over industry. Youve probably heard my voice on various movie trailers, commercials, amp radio promos over the years. For...
1822   0   0   0 Order

We are a fairly new radio station on the scene 7months now, but weve had our feet in radio a long time, working for various radio stations around the country, and also se...
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Buy my Filthier Than The Rest cds. You will get 50 slim jewel case cds with covers and shrink wrapped for 125. You can sell the cds to your friends or to your local store...
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I will construct, perform and record an original funny song with you and up to 5 of your closest friends. Also, I will write a serious song for your girlfriend with her n...
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2,000 and more SpotifyPlays for only 10 nowSpecial promotion original price 12Promote your music with Music Marketing 1 2 1 and get the exposure you need to be heardNO B...
2183   1   0   3 Order

I am a professional voice over artist. I will provide up to 100 words of voice over in my friendly yet authoritative American male voice. This gig includes3 complete take...
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1,000 and more SpotifyPlays for only 5 7Promote your music with Music Marketing 1 2 1 and get the exposure you need to be heardNO BOTS USED We work with a distribution ce...
1453   1   0   1 Order

hello im luke i run a radio station which had 50k listeners monthly .. these listeners are worldwide we have mobile apps on apple google amazon and blackberry .. im offer...
3145   1   0   1 Order

Would you like to be on the radio This list has the phone numbers, addresses, emails, and contact names for over 30,000 current radio stations in the United States. Guara...
7431   13   0   32 Order

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